Monday, October 27, 2014

Extended Blurbs

These are some blurbs from the team about their role:

Sofía Anastasia -

For this project, I am taking on several roles. Most exciting for me is my debut as a director with the short play, I Dream Before I Take the Stand. This piece tells an incredible story that has a lot of personal significance to me, to those I am close to, and, I hope, to the community at large. I can only hope I do it justice.

Additionally, I am excited to perform in the play Stay Put, written by Ben Polson, and to do the costume design for the entire show.

My roles in this project allow me to tell stories in my own voice, and for that, I am grateful.

Ben! -

as the Div III

It has been an absolute whirlwind of a semester getting this project together. I knew I wanted to create a project that grappled with doing positive social justice work and I knew that I would end up learning a lot, but that does not make the journey any less difficult. I think the most interesting lesson I have learned from this process is to let myself have a voice in it all in order to also listen deeply. I care a lot about social justice, but gender politics is one topic I am very passionate about for personal reasons reflected in Stay Put. I have felt so lucky each time my team has grown. I really couldn't ask for a better team.

 as director/actor/writer

When the project shifted in such a way that I had a different role for each of the short plays you will see today I was honestly very excited. I love directing. However having the support of my team so that I was directing one of the three short plays was both really cool symbolically in the production of the show, but also a huge relief. My core four: Sofía Anastasia, Taylor Carlson, Celeste Davidson and myself, we all work really well together so getting to see the different directing styles of Sofía and Taylor has been awesome and acting with Celeste has been really fun. I love the trust we have created together. Writing Stay Put was a scary process, but I'm happy and excited to share it with the Hampshire community. If we had more time I really wish I could have asked another actor to play the role that I do in Stay Put. I'd just like to say thank you to you viewer for coming and watching this performance. It means a lot to me.

Taylor Carlson -

I am navigating two positions on this project. I am chiefly serving as Stage Manager for Am I An Ally, but I am also making my directorial debut with Ben!s piece Stay Put. Both of these roles, as well as the production in general, have been and are immensely helpful for me. In my Div II, as well as life in general, I am focusing on how to make more inclusive art and media, and this entire process has been a wonderful jump into what being on a creative team who prioritizes that looks like.

Celeste Davidson -

I work as an assistant stage manager for Am I An Ally. As an assistant stage manager I am responsible for helping plan production meetings, contacting production staff and actors, and any other tasks that may come up. This is one of the jobs that involves helping out in many different areas, and is important in helping weave the different plays together into one.

I am also playing the role of SHE in I Dream Before I Take the Stand. SHE is a role that I hold close to my personal experiences and the story that SHE is a part of is one that needs to be heard. Women, especially women of color, as I am both, are often exotified and sexually harassed, often at the same time; both of these instances are present in I Dream Before I Take the Stand. The role of SHE is an important role, not only for feminists, but for feminist-allies because the role shows clearly the position women are put in when faced with the overpowering privilege of men.

Basic Information

Am I An Ally
A Div III by Ben Polson

Saturday, November 8 at 2pm
Sunday, November 9 at 2pm
Monday, November 10 at 8pm

In the Main Stage, Emily Dickinson Hall (EDH), Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts (MA), United States of America (USA), Earth, Milky Way Galaxy etc. etc. etc.

Admission is completely free, but you can reserve your spot by emailing

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I Dream Before I Take The Stand -

by Arlene Hutton -

Directed by Sofía Anastasia

a short play which addresses the issues of slut-shaming, victim-blaming, and the objectification and fetishization of women's bodies, especially the bodies of women of color. Its intent is to draw attention to the pervasive misogyny that runs rampant in our society and the ways in which we all contribute to it. Content warning for rape and victim-blaming.

Sentences and Words -

by Cynthia L. Cooper -

Directed by Ben Polson

A mother of a murder victim and the lawyer of the murderer grapple with loss together. The two women search for the words to be heard, understood, and show compassion. Content warning for verbal descriptions of suicide

Stay Put -

By Ben Polson - website soon maybe?

Directed by Taylor Carlson

A short play which deals with issues of gender identity and allyship. It explores the desire and struggle of finding a space for oneself while also working to create a safe space for others.

Other members of the team:

Assistant Stage Manager - Celeste Davidson
Set and play design - Nomi Frank
Space Design - Jeremy Weinstein

I Dream Before I Take The Stand
SHE - Celeste Davidson
HE - Ben Polson
Voices - Dani Aldrich, Joe Bir

Sentences and Words
Karla - Grace Desmarais
Maggie - Dani Aldrich

Stay Put
She - Sofía Anastasia
He - Joe Bir
They - Ben Polson